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Training Certification:
Be a Certified Inner Mammal Trainer!

You can start now here, or read on for details.

Would you like to help others make peace with their inner mammal? Would you like to be listed on our Certified Inner Mammal Trainer page and enjoy the community of Certified Trainers? Our Homestudy Program is a fun way to learn the Inner Mammal Method. You will:

  • Deepen your understanding of our mammalian neurochemistry
  • Help others find their power to replace old neural pathways with new ones
  • Develop the skill of designing and building new happy-chemical pathways

You become a Certified Inner Mammal Trainer when you pass the Foundation and Advanced Level Trainings. The Foundation Level is $49 and the reading material costs $11. (3 CEUs available for a $15 processing fee and short quiz with the accrediting agency.) The Advanced Level is free this year and the reading material costs $23. Try the free sample quiz below to get started!

1. Free Sample Quiz

a. What turns on the happy chemicals in the state of nature and why they turn off

b. How a brain builds the unique neural pathways that control its happy chemicals

All reading materials are free online.
Passing earns you a free membership in the Inner Mammal Institute, with membership certificate.

2. Foundation Level Training

This $49 Homestudy course guides you toward mastery of Inner Mammal Method with 3 online quizzes. You will learn:

a. Why “happy habits” are so powerful

b. Why we confuse social pain with physical pain

c. How to blaze a new trail through your jungle of neurons

All source materials are free except $11 for Habits of a Happy Brain. When you pass these quizzes, you earn a free copy of I, Mammal, and qualify for the Advanced Training and 3 CEUs.

3. Advanced Inner Mammal Training


Three short-answer quizzes applying the Inner Mammal Method to real-life scenarios. You will learn to:

1. Help others identify the natural motivating power of each happy chemical

2. Help others design the new neural pathways they need and wire them in

3. Help others recognize their mammalian threat signals and choose their response

When you pass these three quizzes, you become a Certified Inner Mammal Trainer. After Quiz #1, you get a free copy of How I Escaped Political Correctness and You Can Too (not assigned reading).

You can share the power of the Inner Mammal Method with others, be listed on our Certified Inner Mammal Trainer page, and be part of an important new solution to the problems that concern you.


This training does not qualify you to provide counseling or medical advice; consult the law of your locality.


Happy to answer your question – send it on the contact form above.