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Enroll in the Certified Inner Mammal Trainer Program

1. $49 payable by Paypal at this link: 

2.  Paypal doesn’t always show your email, so please tell Dr. Breuning that you’ve enrolled on the contact form above.

3.  Dr. Breuning will send you a welcome message with the link to Foundation Level Quiz #1. When you pass it, you are led to Quiz #2 and then #3, all based on  Habits of a Happy Brain. When you pass them, you get a free pdf of I, Mammal: How to Make Peace With the Animal Urge for Social Power. And you get linked to Advanced Level Quiz #1. For each of the 3 quizzes, you will read one book and 2 resources, and then write short answers to hypothetical client scenarios. Dr. Breuning will send you personal feedback.


This Homestudy course guides you toward mastery of the Inner Mammal Method with assigned readings and personalized feedback. You will learn:
a.  Why happy chemicals don’t flow all the time
b. How to wire in a new “happy habit.”
c. How to deal with common objections to the mammalian facts of life

To get 3 Continuing Education Units, contact the accreditor  ($15 processing fee and brief quiz).

Get Your 5-Day Happy Chemical Jumpstart

You can enjoy more dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphin when you know what turns them on. You will receive one email on each of the happy chemicals, and one email on how to rewire the neural pathways that turn them on and off. You will learn to rewire yourself for more happy chemicals in 45 days.
Thank you!