Training & Coaching of
the Inner Mammal Institute

1. COACHING: One-to-One Guided Neuroplasticity

I can help you design the new circuit you’d like to build in your brain.

Together we will determine:

  • your happy chemical goal and your cortisol-relief goal
  • the new behavior or thought pattern that achieves your goal
  • strategies to keep repeating the new pattern for 45 days.

2. CERTIFICATION: Be a Certified Inner Mammal Trainer

You can start now here, or read on for details.

Would you like to help others make peace with their inner mammal? Would you like to be listed on our Certified Inner Mammal Trainer page and enjoy the community of Certified Trainers? Our Homestudy Program is a fun way to learn the Inner Mammal Method. You will:

  • Deepen your understanding of our mammalian neurochemistry
  • Help others find their power to replace old neural pathways with new ones
  • Develop the skill of designing and building new happy-chemical pathways

You become a Certified Inner Mammal Trainer when you pass the Foundation and Advanced Level Trainings. The Foundation Level is $49 and the reading material costs $11. (3 CEUs available for a $15 processing fee and short quiz with the accrediting agency.) The Advanced Level is free this year and the reading material costs $23. Try the free sample quiz below to get started!

Certified Inner Mammal Trainers

Want to become a Certified Inner Mammal Trainer? Here are the details on our Inner Mammal Institute Training Program.

And here are a few of our graduates. See all of them here

Giulio Vanzan

is an Italian trainer with twenty years of international experience, and co-founder of the Inner Vox Institute in Brazil. A former professional actor and director in theatre and cinema, he researches on the power of masks to connect body and mind in the manifestation of human beauty in design, healing and art.

Agata Dzierzawa

is author of A Journey to Yourself blog about spiritual development for women. (Happy chemical posts here) She has translated I, Mammal into Polish! Agata is a practitioner of intuitive, Ho’opononpono, Belly Button, and Theta Healing.

Yvonne Yeow

is a certified coach and counselor in Singapore.
She uses cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness, and integrated techniques with adults and youth, to address anxiety, anger and depression. The Inner Mammal Method has helped many of her clients. Yvonne is an advocate of brief, solution-focused therapy. More information on her website.

Rafael Peiró

is a human resources consultant in Valencia, Spain, specialized in corporate culture. He leads trainings in communication, talent development and teamwork. He holds a professional certification in Mindfulness, and is the author of “Reflexionar es Avanzar” and the forthcoming “Inteligencia Temperamental.”


3. ONLINE COURSE: Train Your Brain to Feel Good Now

4. FREE VIDEO SERIES: You Have Power Over Your Happy Brain Chemicals

Discover your power to build a new happy habit with these 7 short episodes and the free Action Guide.

Your Power to Re-wire Your Happy Brain Chemicals (#1 of 7)

It’s hard to accept the fact that our happy chemicals can’t surge all the time. DOPAMINE only spurts when you approach a new reward.

Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin, Endorphin (#2 of 7)

This episode describes the special job of each happy chemical in the state of nature, and why these chemicals are not meant to flow all the time.

Cortisol: Your Emergency Broadcast System (#3 of 7)

This episode explains the job of cortisol, our unhappy chemical. You have power over your cortisol when you know how it works.

How You Build Pathways In Your Brain? (#4 of 7)

This episode explains how neural pathways build from repeated experience. Your old pathways are built from the experience of youth. Today, you can feed your brain new experiences …

5. ZOO TOUR! Live in Oakland California


Get details here or book below  (an AirBnB Experience)

I explain an animal’s response to dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, endorphin and cortisol while you watch the animals in action. When you know how these brain chemicals work in animals, you understand their impact on YOU.

We will start with small-brained animals and work our way up to the apes. You’ll find out how animals make decisions all day in order to survive. Happy chemicals reward an animal for steps that meet a need, and unhappy chemicals alert it to potential threats.

We’ll stop for a jungle-themed snack/rest since the zoo is a bit hilly and the must-see elephant are at the far end.

Your questions are welcome! I can address specific interests since I have written many books on the animal brain. This is a new view of emotions based on evolutionary psychology.

Admission to the zoo is a separate ticket fee, so please check the zoo’s availability of timed tickets.

  • Logistics: The zoo has two entry gates so we will text. I can provide transportation advice.
  • Well-behaved children are welcome; I can explain everything in a family-friendly way.
  • I speak Spanish & French. The tour is in English but I can translate some phrases.
  • Flexible: contact me to arrange an alternate time.

Get Your 5-Day Happy Chemical Jumpstart

You can enjoy more dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphin when you know what turns them on. You will receive one email on each of the happy chemicals, and one email on how to rewire the neural pathways that turn them on and off. You will learn to rewire yourself for more happy chemicals in 45 days.

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