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One Coaching

I can help you design the new pathway to your happy chemicals that you’d like to build.

The cost is $140 for 50 minutes.

To book your session:

1. Go to  paypal.me/lbreuning. Enter $140.

2. Email me with suggested meeting times between 9am and 9pm Pacific Time. (The contact form above is a direct way to email me.)

3. I will send you a zoom link and confirm a mutually convenient time.

Guided Neuroplasticity

I can help you discover your power to blaze a new trail in your brain. Together, we can find:

  • new happy-chemical strategies that are right for you
  • how your cortisol got wired and how you can rewire it
  • an achievable plan to repeat your new pattern for 45 days

This is not intended as medical care or long-term therapy


Get Your 5-Day Happy Chemical Jumpstart

You can enjoy more dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphin when you know what turns them on. You will receive one email on each of the happy chemicals, and one email on how to rewire the neural pathways that turn them on and off. You will learn to rewire yourself for more happy chemicals in 45 days.
Thank you!