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Fox News: 7 happy habits

California Today: on addiction

Les hormones du bonheur
(Hormones of happiness)

¿Cuáles son los hábitos de un cerebro feliz? (What are the habits of a happy brain?)


Stress & Anxiety – On Point Talk Show

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Origins of Happiness

Love Chemicals

International Coach Federation talk on Managing Stress

CGTV: How We Create Happiness

Family IQ

After Skool: Dopamine Fasting to Overcome Addiction & Restore Motivation

Denis Merkas: Can You Massage Away Sadness, Depression and Anxiety?


The Biology of Suffering

What Makes Humans Happy?

U of PEACE  Executive Ed: Your Power Over Your Happy Brain Chemicals

Best Books Summaries: RomanSergeevCom

Happy At Home Webinar

Comedy Solo Performance, Loretta Breuning

Your Ups and Downs Are Natural…& also learned

Science of Positivity Growth Retreat

The Ladies Coach: “Comparison”  haunts women

Fit for Joy: Happy Brain — Happy Life!

Français Authentique: Le bonheur est-il chimique ?

Instituto del Desarrollo Óptimo: Clase “La ciencia de la felicidad”

Love, From Bangladesh

Taiwan Book Anniversary

Social Comparison, on Boost Your Biology

Science Of Positivity

Career Burnout

Spiritual Dating Coach


Why Travel Makes Us Happy?

Relationships  @BrainHub SF

RVLiving: How Dopamine Creates a Constant Craving for the New

Lisa Alastuey – Hacking Your Brain’s Happy Chemicals

Cómo hackear y entrenar tu cerebro para ser feliz

Why Your Brain Creates Unhappiness (Mandarin Taiwan w subtitles)

MindfulNEWS: Exploring the chemicals in our brain

Tame Your Anxiety AMA

Townhouse Living: Tame Your Anxiety

Barış Özcan: The Formula of Hapiness : D+O+S+E

Radislav Gandapas: Happy Brain

Italian: Gli ormoni della felicitài

Italian: Doma la Tua Ansia

We Mammals

The Inside Edge: Rewire Your Brain

ని చూసే విధానం మార్చుకోవచ్చు (in Telugu)

Hindi Summary of Happy Brain Book   #2     #3

Guest Podcasts

Hear Loretta Breuning’s own podcast at:

Getting Real with Unhappiness

We strip away the social veneer  to see how primal instincts for protection and status affect us.

Breaking Bad Habits

As we navigate the big transitions in life, we need to really understand the roots of happiness.

The Science of Happiness

How to hack your brain & become a happier person. Second appearance on the James Altucher show.

Eating, Anxiety, and Learned Habits

Elle Russ and Loretta explore the emotions beneath our food choices.

Can we stop comparing ourselves?

Why do we keep comparing ourselves to others when we know it just makes us unhappy?

Success Quest

How does our brain create motivation and how can we get more of it?

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Tribe Sober


15-minute Dopamine

Chasing Money?

Addiction Recovery

Happy Hour: The Other Side of Depression

Raise Happy Kids

Attachment and Threatened Feelings


Food Junkies

Science of Psychotherapy

Brain & Brand Show

Decode Your Burnout

Why Are We Unhappy?

Fat Burning Man: Break Bad Habits with Brain Science

Roger Dooley: Leverage Brain Chemistry

Yoga Body: Episodes #186 & #293  

The Secrets To A Happy Brain

Parenting Teens

Status Games: Why We Play and How to Stop

New Mind Creator

Why You’re Unhappy

Well-being Science Labs

Gennady Polonsky: Teaching others to manage their brain chemicals

Queppet: Masculinity and Status

Sales Tips: Managing Your Brain Chemicals, Motivation & Social Trust

Prosperity Place  #1   #2

The Productivityist

Untangle: On Love and Valentine’s Day

Biohacking with Melanie Avalon

The Energy Blueprint

Happy Moms

Spiritual Asshole

Make Peace with Your Inner Beast

Finding Yourself

Invigor Medical

The Hormone Prescription

How I Escaped Political Correctness & You Can Too

Women’s Leadership Success

Are You Being Real?

Inspire Nation: The Science Of Positivity”

VroomVroomVeer: Making Peace with the Animal Inside

Can You Tame Your Anxiety?

The Hidden Why: Self-Denial, Choice, & Free Will

Muscle Expert Podcast

Status Games

Stop Negative Habits & Steer your way to Health

Derek Loudermilk Podcast

Clean Eating Kitchen

Be the Wellness



Rewiring Your Brain for Happiness

Vigliotti: Taming Anxiety

Anchors of Health: 7 Habits of a Happy Brain

Shocking Truth About Happiness

Born to Thrive with Jamie Lee

Ignite the Fire

Tame Your Anxiety: AYRIAL TalkTime

Hardy Haberland: 4 Brain Chemicals That Make You Happy

Tame Your Anxiety

The Entrepreneur Way: The Power of Your own Steps

Brain Shape #1  #2   #3

Michell McQuaid   #1   #2

Happy Healthy Hormones with Dr. Chris

Rewriting Your Story

The Effective Executive

Grand Slam Journey on the Mammal Brain

Dr. Barter – Brain Chemistry & Mood

Untangle: Retrain Your Brain to Boost the Happy Chemical

Camden Boyd’s The Happiness Question

Legendary Leaders

James Altucher: Meet Your Happy Chemicals

Primal Blueprint

Fit for Joy: Understanding Anxiety

Arash’s World Podcast: Life in the Middle Lane

Feminine Roadmap: Social Comparison

Gut Health Reset

Awakening Aphrodite: Healthy Habits

World Happiness Fest: 3 Obstacles to Happiness (and how to relieve them)

Lifestyle First: Create happy habits

The Alcohol Minimalist Podcast


Status and Productivity

Entrepreneurial Success

Talking to Teens

Dr. Myers Detox

अच्छी आदत अच्छा जीवन (Hindi intro to happy chemicals)

Human Optimization


Brain Shaman


How To Train Your Brain To Go Positive Instead Of Negative

Our brain is not designed to create happiness, as much as we wish it were so. Our brain evolved to promote survival. It saves the happy chemicals (dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin) for opportunities to meet a survival need, and only releases them in short spurts which are quickly metabolized. This motivates us to keep taking steps that stimulate our happy chemicals.

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Bustle: 13 Toxic Habits that Make Dating Hard

Loretta Breuning explains oxytocin realistically so you can use it wisely. In the state of nature, touch and trust go together because that promotes survival.

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National Geographic

How to get high on your own hormones—naturally.

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Emotional Eating

This comic book on recovering from emotional eating is beautifully illustrated. You will learn to wire in new responses to stress.

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Watch Strictly, eat sauerkraut, win at Monopoly:
expert tips for hacking your happy hormones

Loretta Breuning grew up around a lot of unhappiness, but couldn’t figure out why. To try to find out, she avidly read up on psychology, alongside raising two children and working as a professor in management at California State University. “I thought that, if I followed the research, it would make everybody happy all the time,” she says.

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You Asked: Is It Bad for You to Read the News Constantly?

More than half of Americans say the news causes them stress, and many report feeling anxiety, fatigue or sleep loss as a result, the survey shows. Yet one in 10 adults checks the news every hour, and fully 20% of Americans report “constantly” monitoring their social media feeds—which often exposes them to the latest news headlines, whether they like it or not.

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5 Happiness Hacks That Take 5 Minutes Or Less

Loretta Graziano Breuning, founder of Inner Mammal Institute and author of “Habits of a Happy Brain,” believes that humans can essentially rewire their brains. How so? By understanding that we have certain “happy chemicals” that were inherited from earlier mammals — and using that knowledge to develop habits that turn those chemicals on.

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CNET: Boost happy hormones naturally

Forbes: Why You Feel Undervalued And How To Dissolve The Feeling

Fast Company: Establish Healthy Stress Habits Before It’s Too Late

USA Today: What is dopamine fasting and why are people doing it?

NBC: This is your brain on prayer and meditation

Cornell U: The Roots of ‘Status Games’ & Why Your Brain Is Stuck in High School

Unhappiness is Not a Disease

Jl of Clinical Research: Stimulating DOSE

ALBERT ELLIS: Rewiring Your Brain

Born To Learn

Science World Report

Animal Origins of DOSE

Why Johnny Can’t Relax

National Review: Stop Telling College Students That They’re Sick and Broken

Psychologies: Boost your natural ‘feel-good’ chemicals

Quartz: Gazelles look at each others’ butts to keep the status quo—and we do the same

Fast Company: Stop forcing your mindfulness on me

Wall Street Journal

INC: Tired of Being a Negative Person? Try This Daily 3-Minute Ritual

How to achieve eudaimonia and other lessons from The Stoics

BBC: “Cuarteto de la felicidad”: endorfina, serotonina, dopamina y oxitocina

Bustle: 7 Signs Your Body Is Expressing Anxiety Physically

The Toy That Helps You Problem Solve at Work

Psychology Today: This Is the Face of Dopamine

Forbes: How To Rewire Your Panic Button And Go From Negative To Positive

Bustle: 7 Things That Should Never Stop You From Going After What You Want

Bustle: 9 Signs Your Serotonin Levels Are Too Low

Psychology Today: Compassion: A New Paradigm

Bustle: How To Create The Life You Want

Bustle: 6 Ways To Be More Self-Sufficient

Psychology Today: Your Inner Monkey: Learning From Your Way-Way-Back Past

Observer: SuperShe Island, Where Men Are Banned and Flowers Are Dinner

Women Working

Conscious Lifestyle: 13 Way to Hack Happiness

Desesret News: How to cheat-proof your marriage, according to science

Positive Psychology

Why We Should Free Ourselves From Victim Thinking

Psychology: Химия счастья: как заставить гормоны работать

Hitched: 4 Reasons Why Love is a Neurochemical Roller Coaster

Relationship Development: Why Goals Don’t Bring Satisfaction

Year’s Best Self Improvement Books

Professor House: Help Your Child Build Healthy Reward Pathways

Good Habits Make You Feel Like You’re Gonna Die 


Small Business: Status and Happiness

Thrive Global: 5 Natural Ways to Tame Anxiety

Evie Magazine: Blaming Others Feels Good But What’s It Doing To Mental Health?

Wiki Ezvid: 5 Helpful Resources For Improving Happiness

Forbes: How To Become A Little Happier In Difficult Times

Young Up-Starts: 7 Habits Of A Happy Brain

Yahoo: Falling In Love = Quality Time

Forge: Embrace the Lawlessness of Quarantine Eating

Why We Crave Power:  The Science Behind Our Brain’s Animalistic Urge

Zolo: How to Declutter Your Home in 5 Steps

Relationship Development: FOOD AND ANXIETY

Best books on the animal mind

Center for Academic Renewal: Cheaters Never Prosper—Or Do They?

Outside: How to Cope with the Post-Marathon Blues

Medium: How to Live w Joie De Vivre

Cheating in the Classroom: We have a choice

Thrive: Dopamine = Embrace a new goal

Let’s Rethink the Mental Health “Crisis”

Boost Productivity by Understanding Your Natural Impulses

Best Books on Status Anxiety


РБК: Как приучить мозг вырабатывать гормоны счастья

Lessons Learned

The Meaning

Falling in Love

The Chemistry of Love



Wire Your Brain to Be Happy on Purpose

Many spiritual people suggest that happiness is a moral virtue and even a duty. This fits well with science!



Why Do We Love Flowers So Much?

From a funeral, to a celebration, or a romantic occasion, we use flowers for several different moments to show love and affection…