Inner Mammal Training Sample Quiz

20 multiple-choice questions

To prepare for Quiz #1:
– read this short free sample of Habits of a Happy Brain
– read the infographic series
– watch the video series You Have Power Over Your Brain and read the accompanying Action Guide.

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The fun feature of this quiz is the “hint” that appears if you choose a wrong answer. You can take the quiz as many times as you’d like, so enjoy the hints the first time through if you wish. When you’re done, you must click “Get Results” to submit and get your free Inner Mammal Institute membership certificate. To save your work for later completion, click “Get Results” at the bottom and then select “Save and Continue Later” below. Then continue to the Foundation and Advanced Levels to become a Certified Inner Mammal Trainer.

Sample Quiz

Sample Quiz

There are 20 questions to complete. Once you are finished, click the button below. Any items you have not completed will be marked incorrect.

1. Good feelings come from:
Feelings come from chemicals The limbic built by natural selection rewards you with a good-feeling chemical when you meet a survival need.
2. A happy chemical is released:
3. Your happy and unhappy chemicals are controlled by:
4. Your verbal inner dialogue:
5. You turn on your happy chemicals with:
6. Your dopamine turns on when you:
7. Your endorphin turns on when you:
8. Your serotonin turns on when you:
9. Your oxytocin turns on when you:
10. Your cortisol turns on when you:
11. You were born with billions of neurons:
12. Your brain builds neural circuits in 2 ways:
13. Your neural superhighways are formed by your experiences before age 8 and during puberty because that's when: 
14. Your brain is always looking for ways to feel good because:
15. Something that turned on your happy chemicals when you were young gets your attention because:
16. If the brain is focused on survival, why do people do things that are bad for their survival?
17. Why are we so motivated to escape threatened feelings?
18. How can you feel good about things that are actually good for you?
19. Why is it so hard to be happy with what you have?
20. How can you help others to be happy?
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