Inner Mammal ZOO TOUR

Walk the Zoo with author Loretta Breuning.
It's fun to learn about the mammal brain while watching it in action.
Free after zoo admission.
Meet at the chimpanzees, rain or shine
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Los Angeles Zoo (Griffith Park) May 14
2 pm (meet at Chimpanzees, cement bench rows)

Santa Barbara                 January 29 
Los Angeles                      January 31
San Francisco
                  February 28          
New York                      
      March 27         
Dublin                                June 5       
(gorillas)                June 12         

You'll learn:
– why animals obsess over food even when well fed

– why they're so picky about who they mate with
– why zoo mothers reject their babies sometimes
– how a self-injuring animal can be helped

– how animals learn to survive once mama is gone

I'll talk about the neurochemcial ups and downs that guide animals' quest for food, safety, and reproduction. Bring your friends, family, and coworkers. It's a great way to teach them  about their mammal brain. Don't see your city? Want a special tour tailored to your group's needs? Write me on the contact form below. Visting Northern California?  Book a standard tour  here.

Animals have issues
Human frustrations make sense when you see them through an animal lens.
A walk through the zoo is a great way to think about:

zoo tour

"You can manage your happy brain chemicals when you know
how they work
in the state of nature."
--Loretta Breuning, PhD

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