Certified Inner Mammal Trainers

The following people have completed the Inner Mammal Institute Training Program. They can help you discover your inner mammal. Ask them!

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Bianca Brasil

is founder of the Bianca Brasil Institute where she does healthcare consultations in 6 languages based on her own multidisciplinary method. She is a Psychiatric Nurse, an Applied Behavior Analyst, a licensed Chinese-medicine specialist, and a PhD student in Health Sciences at U. of São Paulo Medical.

Lola Martínez Beltrán

is the founder of MOVEMENT Kinesiologie in Zurich, Switzerland. Lola is a certified Coach, an instructor of therapists in the R.E.S.E.T. technique to release jaw tension, and a PilatesCare trainer, focused on rehabilitation for neck and back problems. She began treating patients after a long career in electrical engineering.

Giulio Vanzan

is an Italian trainer with twenty years of international experience, and co-founder of the Inner Vox Institute in Brazil. A former professional actor and director in theatre and cinema, he researches on the power of masks to connect body and mind in the manifestation of human beauty in design, healing and art.

Agata Dzierzawa

is an author of A Journal to Yourself blog about spiritual development. (Happy Chemical posts here and here). She has translated I Mammal into Polish! She is an intuitive therapist and Ho’oponopono, Belly Button, and Theta Healing practitioner.

Gaby Cordero

Is a Costa Rican marketing and strategic communication expert. Personal experience drove her to become a mental health advocate and launch We Mammals: a Mood Lifting Writing Company. It combines an understanding of the mammal brain with creative writing and storytelling techniques, designed to uplift mood and quality of life. Gaby teaches groups and individuals online in Spanish and English.

Dipti Sapatnekar

helps companies improve their interactions with consumers and employees based on insights from behavioral and neuroscience.  Based in India, she consults with global clients through Buyerbrain and Terragni

Valentina Michetti

uses Rapid Transformational Therapy to help clients build new beliefs. She has helped individuals overcome anxiety, panic attacks, emotional eating, obsessive negative thinking, and even nail biting. She is inspired by the Inner Mammal Method in her therapeutic work and her team leading. Find her at facebook.com/BetterBelief

Rafael Peiró

is a human resources consultant in Valencia, Spain, specialized in corporate culture. He leads trainings in communication, talent development and teamwork. He holds a professional certification in Mindfulness, and is the author of “Reflexionar es Avanzar” and the forthcoming “Inteligencia Temperamental.”

Alain Kohn

Has 20 years of experience as a Coach & Trainer in the corporate world and with individuals, in Switzerland and internationally. After studying Economics and Law, he became an ICF Certified Life & Professional Coach, an FSEA Trainer, an Ericksonian Hypnosis practitioner (IdCom), and a practitioner of several HR psychometric tools. He has conducted and presented research on several therapeutic approaches.

Yvonne Yeow

is a certified coach and counselor in Singapore.
She uses cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness, and integrated techniques with adults and youth, to address anxiety, anger and depression. The Inner Mammal Method has helped many of her clients. Yvonne is an advocate of brief, solution-focused therapy. More information on her website.

Kristy Arbon

Is the Founder and CEO of HeartWorks Training LLC, supporting people in their practice of self-compassion, mindfulness, somatic awareness, shame resilience and tapping into emergent self-wisdom. Her teaching work has deep roots in Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness, Somatic Experiencing, the Inner Mammal Method, Sensory Modulation, Brene Brown’s shame resilience model, Mindful Self-Compassion, Internal Family Systems, Buddhist philosophy and exploration of archetypes.

Kaveh Mir

Has 19 years of executive coaching and training experience. He specializes in Performance, Engagement, Well-Being, Leadership, Cross-Cultural, and Career Coaching, in English and Persian. He also offers a wide range of Psychometric Profiling tools. He has extensive academic training, specialized certifications, and hands-on management experience. Details at PSIExecutiveCoaching.com. In his spare time, Kaveh volunteers as a coach and interpreter for community youth programs in East London.

Lily Potter

Is a certified health coach with degrees in psychology and education. She coaches women who neglect their health in the midst of stress. She helps them cultivate healthy habits and a positive mindset so they are able to bounce back stronger, wiser and healthier. Lily has used the Inner Mammal Method with many clients.

Carla Gordon

is an herbalist and homeschooling mom. She writes about intentional parenting, body image, wholistic health, and faith here. Her books include: My Brain’s Been Highjacked and Beautiful On Purpose.

Aleksandra Mason

Is a certified coach and trainer who concentrates on stress management and energy-based methods. In 2018 she translated into Polish and published the book “Belly Button Healing: Unlocking Your Second Brain for a Healthy Life” of New York Times Bestselling Author Ilchi Lee. She splits her life between Poland and Scotland, but works online with clients from all over the world. 

Rafael Enrique Molina

Is a Certified Life Coach, Entrepreneur, and Mechanical Engineer. He specializes in Emotional management and design strategies focused on results to achieve goals and dreams. His background in Engineering and Management lets him to use tools and techniques to identify self improvement opportunities, design and implement structured plans focused on results. His longtime interests in management and in wellbeing combine to help clients design strategies for emotional management to reach goals.

Sue Haswell

does a broad spectrum of training work. In addition to founding her own training business, she trains NLP Practitioners and Laugh Yoga teachers. She is a member of British Psychological Society for Test Users, an NLP Master Practitioner, a DiSC facilitator, an International Laughter Ambassador, an ILM coach, and a non-executive director for several not-for-profit community organisations. suehaswell.co.uk

Sherri Green

found her superpower in supporting her fellow real estate agents to build their empires. Sherri helps her agents and their clients have the best possible transaction experience. www.RealTechGirl.com


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