CEUs – Continuing Education Units


The Inner Mammal Institute Homestudy Program offers CEUs accredited by a wide range of professional bodies (including by the American Psychological Association as well as nursing, social work, educational, and counseling organizations) through R. Cassidy Seminars. To get your 3 CEUs, take the Foundation Level Quizzes and then go to R. Cassidy Seminars for a short quiz and a $15 fee. For details on accreditation by your professional body, contact R. Cassidy Seminars.


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(You'll earn a free copy of I, Mammal when you pass, and you qualify for the Advanced Training. )


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Once you've completed the Foundation Level, you are encouraged to take the Advanced Training and become a Certified Inner Mammal Trainer. You will be listed on our Certified Trainers page and join a meaningful community.

"You can manage your happy brain chemicals when you know
how they work
in the state of nature."
--Loretta Breuning, PhD

VIDEO : You Have Power Over Your Happy Brain Chemicals!


A fast, fun intro to your brain chemicals and a concrete plan to wire in a new happy habit! 

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