I needed an introduction to the brain through something I could relate to, and I can relate to the havoc cortisol wreaked in my life. I could very easily relate to the quest for status (not the absolute kind, but an unobtainable relative status: there always someone better than you and/or I’m never good enough). I learned from these books to be more humble to my inner mammal €“ to listen and pet my inner mammal at times.

This was a great introduction into the inner workings of the brain. Just enough technical details of the main building blocks of the human brain and a very detailed and fascinating description how it is wired to seek success. In my own experience, when I derive absolute status from myself I become happier in myself. The quest for status is still the same (can’t escape that) but I can choose to seek it from a place of Love (not the romantic kind) but rather than fear which seems to be the case for many mammals (fear of death). Thank you for this book. It has made a significant impact on my life and I look forward to reading the next one. 🙂