I love to learn about the history of psychology. It’s the perfect antidote to the false belief that today is different, and helps us find the universal in human impulses. Here are some of my posts on the history of psychology.

The Man Who Discovered “Fight or Flight” Chemistry

I find inspiration in the history of psychology. A hundred years ago, the fight-or-flight response was explained by the research of Walter B. Canon. I saw this discovery through his eyes in his autobiography, “The Way of an Investigator: A scientist’s experiences in medical research.”

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The Man Who Drew Neurons: Ramon y Cajal

You have probably seen the artful drawings of neurons done a century ago by Ramon y Cajal. I saw the originals exhibited at the University of California-Berkeley, and I learned that the sketches were done for real research rather than “art.” More important,

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Sigmund Freud vs. Carl Jung movie review

It’s nice to have a mentor help you climb the ladder, but what if he only wants followers? What if he rejects you when you think for yourself, and you lose your investment in the relationship? You may decide that you’re not cut out to be a #2. Lighting your own candle is better than lighting someone else’s. But are you ready to do without the support of the big kahuna?

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Why We Idealize the Past

Thinking about the good old days triggers neurochemicals that make you feel good. You might reach the conclusion that life was better in the past. But if you had actually lived in the past, you would not have liked it.

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