Victoria Puzach

Thank you for your willingness to question norms and bring a liberating perspective into the conversation about mental health. You are spreading an important message.

Zach Paul

My career, my relationships, my health, and my overall level of fulfillment with life have significantly improved because of her work. There’s no denying reality: we are mammals, and our brains work according to the chemicals that govern our survival  I am forever...

Tima Mirhosseini

The main point of this knowledge is not to believe your inner voices. Dare to go beyond them, because they are just chemicals, not reality. You have to keep repeating in each moment that you are allowing these negative voices to create your mood and state of...


It’s like a cheat sheet for the human brain, so you understand why people are unhappy and what we can do about it. It’s great to know we can feel better every day.

Dorothy Whittick

Your work gives me a healthy perspective on why people do the things they do, and brought clarity to our selective assumptions regarding human motivation.