Foundation Quiz 3

The reading for this quiz is Habits of a Happy Brain Chapters 7-9 and watch the video series, You Have Power Over Your Happy Brain Chemicals, and read its Action Guide.

When you pass this quiz, you get a free copy of I, Mammal and qualify for the Advanced Inner Mammal Training and for 3 CEUs. You are on your way to becoming a Certified Inner Mammal Trainer!

Foundation Level #3

Foundation Quiz #3

20 multiple-choice questions. When you complete all 3 Foundation Quizzes, you'll earn a free copy of I, Mammal and qualify for the Advanced Training and Certification.

1. Everyone experiences conflict because:
2. Free will:
3. Every path to happy chemicals includes:
4. When you take a step that stimulates your dopamine,
5. Why do people tend to repeat old behaviors instead of wiring in new ones?
6. When you blame your ups and downs on “our society,” you can expect all of the following EXCEPT:
7. If you expect some future accomplishment to make you happy forever:
8. A good reason to mirror other people is:
9. If you find it easier to trigger one happy chemical, you can benefit by focusing on the others. Which of the following is NOT an example of this?
10. Which of the following is a good tool for building new circuits?
11. What can you do today to improve your future prospects for happiness?
12.  Frustration is natural because:
13. Accepting your inner mammal means:
14. Cortisol builds big neural pathways that wire you to feel threatened when:
15. You can see a world of opportunity instead of a world of threat if you:
16. To manage frustration, be prepared with a plan based on:
17. Realistic expectations help you:
18. When you feel frustrated, a good strategy is to:
19. Your brain focuses on what you lack because it’s designed to keep striving to meet your needs. You can easily end up feeling deprived and frustrated with a brain like this. A good solution is to:
20. Comparing yourself to others is:
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