Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of the Inner Mammal Institute is a network of people with a professional interest in communicating about the mammal brain. We are helping each spread a deeper understanding of this brain we've inherited. 

Kristin Sunanta Walker
is founder of Mental Health News Radio Network and the CEO of everythingEHR, a technology consulting firm in behavioral health. Her podcast, Mental Health News Radio, began with the intention of eradicating the stigma of mental illness. Then she created a network of podcasters dedicated to mental health, which now has 2.5 million worldwide listeners.
How I Met Kristin: She invited me to be a guest on her show, and then asked me to host my own. At the time, I was recording a weekly group chat on Zoom and realized it was basically the same thing, so I said yes!
Murielle van Boxem Drax-Hilton
is President and Founder of the World League for the Right to Happiness. She has used her management experience to develop a network of people interested in facilitating access to the happiness we are capable of.
How I Met Murielle: She invited me to join the League, and I was initially cautious due to my focus on individual approaches. But I love to practice my French, which motivated me to keep learning about Murielle's work and discovering its sincerity and power.
Jay Krish
has been searching for the link between human emotions and the intellect since his days as an engineering student. In 2015, he learned from Sri Bagavath that emotions drive the intellect and these two need not fight with each other. He was thrilled to have a proper engineering explanation for this when he discovered the Inner Mammal Method, and has spread the word since then.
How I Met Jay: We recorded a marathon 3-hour Q&A (on FB and soon on my podcast), after years of online friendship.
Alejandra López
is Founder and CEO of Instituto del Desarrollo Óptimo, which helps people develop their potential through science-based programs adapted for the Spanish-speaking community. Ale has given conferences and professional training around the world and on radio, TV and print. She has a Masters in Education and a Certification in the Science of Happiness.
How I Met Ale: On my book tour of Mexico City, I was a guest on her show.
Katie DiPasquale
is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Yoga Instructor (RYT) and Certified Personal Trainer residing in Portland Oregon. Katie works with clients locally and internationally; specializing in atheletes, executives and corporate wellness. She tailors holistic health coaching programs encapsulating: nutrition, movement, mindset and lifestyle to fit specific goals. She also teaches group classes, trains 1:1, & leads workshops / retreats on a variety of health topics.
How I Met Katie: On SuperShe Island, an all-women retreat in Finland where she was Program Director and I was giving a seminar.
Frédéric Coppieters
began teaching mind management skills when he retired from a long career as a fighter pilot in the Belgian Defense. His coaching firm, AkashA, helps people manage stress naturally with an emphasis on heart resonance technologies and mindfulness.
How I Met Frédéric: He was holding a copy of Meet Your Happy Chemicals in front of the Science Museum in Brussels. This was all planned, of course, because we'd been friends online and Frédéric invited me to see their great human origins exhibit.
Chris Wilson
served seventeen years at juvenile court as a probation officer and restorative justice mediator, and taught conflict resolution and communication skills to inmates for several years. She holds a Ph.D. in conflict analysis and resolution, and provides training, coaching, and consulting to individuals, families, and organizations.
How I Met Chris: She brought my book to jail, and told the tale in this guest blog, Rewiring Yourself and Others.
Penny Boneschansker
specializes in body-mind therapies such as bioresonance, orthomolecular therapy, psycho-neuro-immunology therapy, and Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT). She finds that explaining things from an evolutionary perspective releases a lot of her clients' suffering, and enables them to take responsibility for positive changes. She became a therapist after a career in environmental research in order to share the learning of her own health challenges.
How I Met Penny: After a wonderful meeting of the minds on the Internet, we met in Amsterdam and Penny was good enough to join me on my quest for my New York roots.
Anthony Poponi
has created a unique business,, to emcee, moderate and keynote events while spreading laughter and positivity. Anthony has the impressive skill of combining humor with wellness messages. He's also a trained NLP practicioner.
How I Met Anthony: He taught me how to shoot up a horse with Dopamine. I'm not kidding - just ask!
Ron Harvey
was a career manager with the Australian social service agency, Centrelink. He kept his cool and his integrity through decades in a large bureaucracy, and finally quit smoking, discovered the inner mammal, and found love in his golden years.
How I Met Ron: He makes me laugh out loud on Facebook and has been a soothing voice in the Inner Mammal Institute Discussion Group for years.
Brooke Erickson
is Founder of Soulshine Leadership, a coaching practice that helps people shine in internal as well as external leadership. She has a Masters of Science in Strategic Leadership and is working on a PhD. She creates tools that focus her clients on the strategic step from self-management to self-leadership.
How I Met Brooke: She interviewed me for her Spotlight series, and then we ended up in the same small town at the same time and had a nice cup of tea.

"You can manage your happy brain chemicals when you know
how they work
in the state of nature."
--Loretta Breuning, PhD

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